English Department

English being an international language has gained popularity and brought tremendous enlightenment among the masses. In schools, English language plays a vital role in the students’ life during which the qualities related to aptitude and approach are propagated in the minds of the budding talents. Morden education and technology go hand in hand and are like the two wheels of the same cart.

The English faculty of SICA has committed their working lives to an endeavour centered teaching .They leave no stone unturned to groom the students’ personality to face the challenging world. Myriad literary activities are conducted for individuals and groups for their literary enhancement. This exposure has produced in consecutive succession confident and capable orators, stage performers, anchors etc..Students have reached the pinnacle by participating in competitions organized by prestigious institutions and social organizations at various levels.

To give a professional touch in the learning process, audio-visual aids are used judiciously in class-room teaching and efforts are taken to sharpen and enrich the academic excellence.

Workshops and Seminars are organized to ensure professional and personal growth of these lifelong learners.