School Profile

Commencement of School :

The light in our temple of learning – i.e. SICA school was lit on 01-July- 1974 at 14, Sanghi Colony with 3 devoted teachers and 45 children; whereas the present strength is about 7,000. Presently SICA school is the biggest among the CBSE affiliated schools in the city and soon it will be biggest in whole of the state.

Governance :

The Governance of the School is by SICA Educational Trust under the guidance right from Nursery to KG-II and the students from 1st standard to 12th standard (+2) are Governed in two layers guided by the Board of Trustees of SICA Educational Trust. A separate School Management Committee for all the schools(Preprimary/SICA-54/ SICA-78) are present for day-to- day monitoring and for planning the future growth.


We believe that “Educated Citizens are the source from which modern democratic society receives nourishment”


To this objective the entire thoughts are focused by the community, most of whom are practicing professionals in various fields and in industries. The present civilization is high-tech civilization, ever expanding. The oldest scientific finding is only few years old and science and technology is going through a “second youth”. The type of education by which one achieves excellence and overcome the limitations of life, is our objective.

Children learn faster and absorb quicker from “Role Models”. The grand mother’s bed time stories of mythological lessons and of Panchtantra tales ignite positive strengths in our children, unlike the present day small screen corrupting the minds of our children. At SICA, we strive for human excellence; and try to guide the students “to be”, rather than “to do”. The vitality of the west and the eternal values of the east are being combined while guiding the students studying in our school.

The six core values in our approach to kindle excellence in our children and the students are: 

Physical well being

Depth of thought

Strength of conviction

Faith in oneself

Human touch

Practical efficienc

The school is supported by a group of excellent and dedicated teachers, support administrative staff and well wishers